Week of Apr 3, 2009: Gadget Recap from Gizmos for Geeks

ShareHere’s our usual weekly summary of featured items from Gizmos For Geeks.
Starting off the week were a set of novelty Stone Ice Cubes – just the ticket if you worry about harming the planet when making ice cubes. We also featured a set of kitchen scales that has a neat pull out display.
We wondered out [...]

The Science Behind Tesla Coil Music

By Yan Fortin
Contributing Writer, RealTechNews
I’m sure you’ve all heard music played on tesla coils before, but do you know how the phenomenon actually works? Brian Boyko from Geeks are Sexy produced an amazing short documentary giving a brief explanation on how the science behind the music works. The video also features 3 great songs, [...]

Week of Mar 20, 2009: Gadget Recap from Gizmos for Geeks

ShareBy Will, Gizmos for Geeks
Contributing Writer, RealTechNews.

Here is last week’s featured gadgets and news items at Gizmos for Geeks:
To start off the week, we took a look at Legacy Locker – a rather neat innovation that allows you to pass down important account details for your online ‘assets’ in the case of your death.
We found [...]

Facebook Connect Launches for the iPhone

ShareBy Michael Santo
Editor-in-Chief, RealTechNews
Facebook Connect for iPhone was announced last July, and on Saturday at the South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) conference in Austin, TX, they finally launched it. It only took eight months and nearly enough time to launch a new iPhone.
Facebook Connect for iPhone does for iPhone apps what Facebook Connect does [...]

Layoff Tracker Lets You Be Depressed About the Economy, 24/7

ShareBy Michael Santo
Editor-in-Chief, RealTechNews
After two weeks of testing, Layoff Tracker was released formally on Monday. It’s a widget you can add to your website to constantly remind visitors just how bad things really are job-wise.
Written by Telonu.com (Tell On You, get it?), a site that lets you “Rave, Rant, Rateâ„¢ your Office, your School, [...]

Intel, NVIDIA Trade Barbs Over Chipset Licenses

ShareBy Michael Santo
Editor-in-Chief, RealTechNews
Intel has filed a suit in the Court of Chancery in Delaware, alleging that the 2004 cross-licensing agreement the companies signed ”does not extend to Intel’s future generation CPUs with ‘integrated’ memory controllers, such as Nehalem.” NVIDIA, in a press release, begs to differ.
Jen-Hsun Huang, president and CEO of NVIDIA said:
“We [...]

Gmail Adds Multiple Inboxes

ShareBy Michael Santo
Editor-in-Chief, RealTechNews
Gmail has added another Lab feature, just a few days after adding some more functionality to Labels which made them more folder-ish. The new feature is Multiple Inboxes, but it’s really more like Multiple Panes.
You enable Multiple Inboxes in Gmail Labs by going to Settings, Labs. After you do that, [...]

ReTweet This: Who Cares?

ShareBy Jimmy Daniels
Contributing Writer, RealTechNews
I consider myself a big technology fan, not only do I work in technology, I like using new technologies, whether it’s software, gadgets, or a combination, and I like talking about them, usually. My kids and I have a tablet, an UMPC running Windows XP, four laptops, four desktops, two iPods, [...]