Plextor M5 Pro Xtreme PX-256M5P

ShareUp until I embarked on this review, my strongest memory of Plextor is their dominance of the optical drive market in the 1990s. Simply put, they had the best CD-ROM writer in the days when making “coasters” was commonplace. These days Plextor has retained their storage beginnings with a focus on Solid State [...]

Synology DiskStation DS-1512+ : a 5 Bay Powerhouse

ShareIt is no secret that DigitalReviews is a big fan of Synology products. We have reviewed a number of their Networked Attached Storage over the past few years and have always been a fan. This time around Synology has kindly supplied a DS-1512+ for a review with a different focus. And here is [...]

Apricorn Aegis Bio 3.0 – a very secure 1 TB External Hard Drive

ShareThis review can be short because we have reviewed many products from Apricorn, including an earlier model of the Aegis Bio with fingerprint reader.
We will state our bias upfront: we are fans of this Californian outfit which specialises in manufacturing external storage devices with great security features. However, I’m not particularly a fan of fingerprint [...]

Hands On with A.C. Ryan PlayOn!HD3

ShareRead more: Hands On with A.C. Ryan PlayOn!HD3 It has been a while since DigitalReviews visited the networked media player space. To mark our return, we would like to welcome A.C. Ryan’s Playon!HD3 to the DigitalReviews test bench.
Despite the rise and rise of complete media center solutions such as XBMC and Plex, there seems [...]

Eight Bay NAS Overture – Synology DS1812+

ShareBe it small businesses or avid prosumers, storage is one place where less is never going to be more. Understanding this, Synology’s DS1812+ has not four, five or six but eight hard drive bays. With 3TB drives entering affordability, that’s 24TB in one box.
Read on for our full review by Paul Moons.

ESDS Electronic Shark Defense System

ShareDo shark shields or electronic shark defense systems work, you ask? Sure they do! Well it did last time we tested a similar product that produced an electrical field to keep the big “bities away” (an alternative to the ESDS, the Freedom 7 was reviewed here on this site in 2009 – see link ).
We [...]

ION Air Pro WiFi Action Camera – Reviewed

ShareIt’s an ever widening field populated by the likes of GoPro, Contour, Sony and Ion Air.
Most of these action cameras sport the same type of basic features: tough build, wide angle view, Full HD video and stills. Where they differ is image quality, controls, waterproofing built-in, shape, and, increasingly, WiFi capability. Most of them also [...]

The Dragon Roars Its Head Again: Dragon 12 Professional

ShareWe have reviewed all of the recent editions of Dragon, Nuance’s NaturallySpeaking programs, ever since version 8 came out and this latest iteration is setting the bar high again with 99% accuracy claimed. Whilst that may be true for a native English speaker with good diction, I would be happy with an accuracy rating that [...]