From Alice: Introducing

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Longtime readers of this blog have noticed that Michael Santo has been doing the heavy lifting largely alone for at least two years now. Yikes! My goal was not to disappear, but I thought it was high time I popped back on and let RTN readers know what I have been up to.
Long [...]

How Many Thieves Does It Take to Clean Out an Apple Store? Five, Apparently

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Editor-in-Chief, RealTechNews
It’s been said (and it’s true) that that Wintel PCs are cheaper than Macs. While that’s a negative in this recession, it might be a positive — for thieves. At least, that’s what was evidenced at the Marlton, New Jersey Apple Store.
To answer the question above, it takes five thieves [...]

Yes, Virginia, Snow Leopard Includes Malware Protection

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Editor-in-Chief, RealTechNews
Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, and the latest edition of Mac OS X, 10.6 or Snow Leopard, does include malware protection.
For years, Mac fanatics have jeered at Windows users, because of the constant need for malware protection. As I said previously, however, as the Mac becomes more popular, it [...]

SMS Hack Can Hijack iPhone: Researchers

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Editor-in-Chief, RealTechNews
The Black Hat conference is an annual security get-together that frequently demos newly exposed security holes. And boy, this iPhone SMS hack is a doozy.
Cybersecurity researcher Charlie Miller and his fellow researcher Collin Mulliner plan to present research on a huge iPhone security hole. Thursday at the Black Hat cybersecurity conference [...]

Recap from Gizmos for Geeks for week ending 6/12/09

First up in the ‘what the … ?!’ category from the ever-inventive Japaneses were the Fuwarinka Candy, which changes your body odor by eating a piece of candy or chewing a piece of gum. Apple had their WWDC conference and rolled out new MacBooks and a new iPhone.
Internet traffic could reach 2/3 of [...]

Microsoft Set to Unveil Free AV Software

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Editor-in-Chief, RealTechNews
In November of last year, Microsoft said that it would be both dropping its OneCare security product and releasing a free product in the second half of 2009. At the time, Microsoft said that the free software would allow them to “to protect an even greater number of consumers, especially in [...]

Live Swine Flu Mashup, Google Flu Trends Tracker, and Twitter on Swine Flu H1N1

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Special Report: The CDC (Center for Disease Control) claims it is not serious yet, but we like to look at data before making up our minds. So we turned to Google and Twitter for the most up to date flu information. Now you can too:
Swine Flu MashUp on Google Maps

Google Flu Trends
Google has [...]

Lost or Stolen Laptops Cost Companies Up to $115K: Study

ShareA recent study commissioned by Intel and conducted by the Ponemon Institute shows that a lost or stolen laptop is worth far more than just the hardware. When everything is taken into account, such losses cost a company as much as $115,000 and an average of $49,000.
The study analyzed 138 cases of lost and [...]