Cell Phone

By Michael Santo
Executive Editor, RealTechNews

Rumors have been rampant about an iPhone to be announced at MacWorld in 2007. Now there’s a rumor that’s possibly just as exciting. Apparently Google has been talking to Orange, the mobile phone carrier, to create a GooglePhone, which will make it easy to search the web wherever you are.

Executives from Orange flew to Silicon Valley in California for a meeting at Google’s headquarters, or ‘Googleplex’, to hold preliminary discussions about a joint deal. The companies believe that they have an affinity as brands that are perceived as both ‘positive’ and ‘innovative’. Source: Guardian Unlimited

We Say: The story says the phone would be manufactured by HTC, meaning it most likely would have Windows Mobile as an OS. But if the only differentiating factor will be searchability … I’m not sure. The primary function of even a smartphone or PDA phone is as a phone. Most users still underutilize their smartphones. Still, Google is a big name. We’ll have to wait and see when and if this shows up.