By Jimmy Daniels
Contributing Writer, RealTechNews

Even though Sony BMG just settled the class action suit over their rootkit fiasco, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is continuing his lawsuit against Sony saying the music giant embedded spyware in certain CD’s, the files are installed even if you reject the agreement and that they opened up consumers computers to possible attacks from hackers looking to exploit the rootkit now on their system.

Abbott sued the company in November under the state’s new spyware law, alleging that illegal spyware was imbedded in certain CDs.

In late December, Abbott invoked the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act, alleging the company’s MediaMax technology for copy protection violates Texas’ spyware and deceptive trade practices law.

“Sony has engaged in a technological version of cloak and dagger deceit against consumers by hiding secret files on their computers,” Abbott said.

“Consumers who purchased a Sony CD thought they were buying music. Instead, they received spyware that can damage a computer, subject it to viruses and expose the consumer to possible identity crime,” he said. Source:

We Say: Got get em Greg. Once these companies realize they are hurting consumers and are not hindering pirates at all, maybe we won’t be subjected to DRM anymore. Okay, I can dream can’t I?