By Alice Hill

Remember the good old days when Google was just a simple search engine and all your ad to know to get fancy were some “advanced” search commands like using “” and other boolean search paramaters? Today the site has more features and hidden ares that it takes a miner’s helment to find it all.

Consider this your weekend treasure map. A complete cheat sheet to getting the most out of Google. We Say: Avast mateys. We hate PDFs, but it is a pretty darn fine piece of work.

Features Uncovered
* Googlebot 2.1 Addresses
* List of sites with PageRank 10
* PageRank formula

# Google Form Elements
# Google Services
# Query structure to access directory listings of:-
* Music files
* Movie files

# List of basic Google Calculator operators
# List of advanced Google Search operators
# List of Google Investments
# List of fun Google services and tools
# List of 15 official Google Blogs
# Google Calculator examples
# Search by number examples

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