“Hear that? It’s a LAN party calling you. So take your game on the road with Super LANBOY. Its durable anodized aluminum body packs 9 drive bays. Two low-speed 120mm fans, including one with mesmerizing blue illumination. And a windowed side panel that lets you show off your drool-inducing rig. So pick up a Super LANBOY. And travel easy.”

All right, calm down. That is directly from the sales blurb. Problem is, it’s all true except for the itty-bitty details. I’m not even going to bother with the “LAN party” thing. On my plane of existence it might as well be a bonfire of the vanities. But this case is super light and, when all panels are in place, darn rigid as well. In fact, with a motherboard, a pair of hard drives, and a cards installed, it is portable. (To help, Antec provides a carrying strap too.) And no, it’s not even close to what the original Compaq portable weighed.

The power supply may be the real limiting factor here. I originally tucked a NeoPower 480 inside but the weight reduction was noticeable when I switched to a TruePower model. (Unloaded, the case can be carried with two fingers –one would do, but the second provides balance.)

Even if you’re not the heady socialite, whisking off to LAN parties, it’s an excellent arrangement if your kid (or you, if you’re the “kid” in question) wants to tote a system out of a dorm room when he/she isn’t going to be there for a while. It’s also very nice to look at (although perhaps not mesmerizing), with the usual exception that while the acrylic side panel lets the case’s insides look out, everyone will be able to look in and see the lousy routing job you did with all the wires.